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Our own factory, an important stock, a wide choice of products, ecological certificates, an affordable price, an irreproachable service, free samples... Here is all the reasons why collaborate with Shaoxing Liangxi Tea Factory!

Our own factory
Our factory permits to our clients to elaborate their own packaging. We also have a R&D center in order to provide the best tea with a stable quality.
A large stock
Every year, our tea gardens product more than 25 000 tons of teas, we have a large stock to respond to the requests of our clients.
Free samples
After defining the customer request, we engage ourselves to provide him free samples in order to let him test the quality of our products. The client is also invited to provide us his own samples in order to provide him the tea corresponding to his requirements.
Since several years and the place took by the ecology in our society, we are trying our best to product organic teas, where a part of our production is specially dedicated to the organic agriculture.


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